A bike, a beer, a bite and a bark

Given the slump back into what seems to be autumn over the past few days, I can’t help but think back to a rather nice sunny weekend back at the start of the month. Spring seemed to be breaking out at last, people were actually cheerful, and best of all – it was a bank holiday. Personally, I can’t remember when those three things last intersected!

The weather improving couldn’t have been more well timed – May 6th this year was the date set for the (in)famous Thatcher’s Arms Dog Show. And what a great event it was! Organised each year in support of a local animal charity – this year the event was in aid of SeSaw – it’s basically the anti-crufts, and all the better for it.

We’ve been to the Thatcher’s a couple of times recently, drawn back by their great beer selection (they win all kinds of awards for their beer) and their tasty menu (they deserve to win more for that!), but had never been to any of the many events they put on. Time to change that!

Having found a nice route to cycle (nice route in my parlance = arrow straight line with only moderate inclines) from Chappel and Wakes Colne station (home to the East Anglian Railway Museum) we set off on our bikes in slightly overcast conditions. As soon as we got to the Thatcher’s, however, the sun beamed forth and we secured ourselves a nice seat outside (with a couple of beers and some lovely sandwiches) to prepare for the doggy antics.

In a blur of wagging tails, over-excited pooches (to say nothing of their owners), dog treats, tennis balls, and more of the lovely beer, the afternoon raced by. The events?

Well, I did say “anti-crufts”! The whole thing was huge fun, with the undoubted stars of the show the winner of the best trick – an awesome backflip somersault – and the young handler, a tiny young girl with an even tinier dachshund puppy.

Dachshund and owner

Too cute not to win!

Very well behaved dogs ignoring the biscuits balanced on their paws!

My personal favourite amongst the many gathered dogs (there were LOADS there) was what I termed “rasta dog” – which turned out in fact to be a Hungarian Puli, while Lucy favoured a little old terrier that for some reason quacked as it walked. Yes. Actually quacked. Was quite a sight. Well, sound really.

Anyway, keep an eye out for the event next year – it’s definitely worth a visit (as is the Thatcher’s Arms more generally!).

We’ll try to give some advance warning of these events in future 😉


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