An apple a day (it’s the season!)

I’ve previously blogged about apples on this site, punning on the Cupertino computer company connection, so it seemed only right to bring apples back to the fore again now that the bods in California have just released a new batch of shiny things. And especially since it’s the height of British apple season!

The weekend just gone, we decided to have a poke around north west Norfolk, for reasons that Lucy shall elaborate on soon. While looking at what we could do, Lucy stumbled upon the website for Drove Orchards, based just outside of Hunstanton.

I’ll not write much here, other than to say it’s definitely worth a visit. With hundreds of varieties of Apples, and countless other fruit and berries, you are given free reign to wander the orchard picking exactly what you want. Helpful row markers provide variety names, and whether the crop is ready for picking (“eat me!”), passed its best (“finished”), or not quite there yet (“not ready”).

Rows in the orchard

Lots to choose from

Peasgood Nonsutch

Lovely name, and ready to eat!

With supplied plastic bag in hand, we have a really enjoyable hour wandering around, choosing our crop and generally just looking at the orchard. When we’d finished, we had a bulging plastic bag with lots of apples and a few scattered plums… for the princely sum of £4.


A well loaded tree

A well loaded tree

Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet – one of my faves.

If you’re in the area, ditch the supermarket with their south American or European crops, and go pick your own local crop. It’s a fun activity, and I guarantee the fruit will be far superior.

Bunch of apples

Beautiful colours

Margorie Seedling plums

Margorie Seedling plums


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