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We’re back and full of the joys of… Autumn (in Suffolk)

We’ve been a little quiet lately because we’ve had the enormous but incredibly happy distraction of getting married. We had our wedding at the Maison Talbooth and Le Talbooth restaurant, both in Dedham, near Colchester on 9th November. It was a really wonderful day and we’re still both on something of a high. Naturally the […]

Far from run-of-the-mill!

Tucked away off a quiet lane in the village of Stock, in between Chelmsford and Billericay is a bit of a treasure: a brick tower mill dating from around 1800, which has been restored to full working order. We came across it when we were doing some more general research about milling in the region, […]

Moules Madness: dinner at the Mistley Thorn

I have to confess, I’m an Autumn person. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the sunshine this summer; it’s been amazing to actually have a summer this year. But the hazy sunshine, darker evenings and abundance of produce make this one of my favourite times of the year. Last night on our visit to […]

A great ‘Discovery’: new season apples

Earlier this week I paid a visit to Lathcoat’s Fruit Farm (@lathcoatsfarm) on the outskirts of Chelmsford. They grow a wide range of fruit, but the focus is very much on apples, with over 40 varieties grown on site. We first visited last Autumn at the peak of the apple season, where despite a tough […]

Photos from our visit to Elveden

Looking back through our photos from this summer, I noticed that we’d taken quite a few when we stopped off at the Elveden Estate on our way back from Norfolk in May. A bit delayed, but here they are, along with some shots of their rather handsome cockerel, let’s call him Jim.

Storm in a teacup, or should that be a beer glass?

As we’re out looking for new and innovative local produce and celebrating great taste and craftmanship in food and drink, it’s often easy to forget that the corporate giants in the industry are always trying to make an extra buck, at whatever price to anyone else. Or maybe it’s because of this that we admire […]

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