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An apple a day (it’s the season!)

I’ve previously blogged about apples on this site, punning on the Cupertino computer company connection, so it seemed only right to bring apples back to the fore again now that the bods in California have just released a new batch of shiny things. And especially since it’s the height of British apple season! The weekend […]

Popping for a pint

While we try to cover as much of East Anglia as we can on this blog, or travels have seemingly focused around the A12 corridor. It’s not an intentional slight on other places, or an indication that there’s less to see or do elsewhere – it just happens to be in easy reach and have […]

A trial (or should that be trail?) of mud and bacon

Given our weather over the last few months, it’s probably best to take advantage of any of the few nice days that deem to grace us with their presence – who knows when the next bright but fresh day will appear? It has, however, meant that on those rare occasions we deem satisfactory for a […]

Eat Anglia – now a little shinier

I’ve been a bit quiet recently – leaving Lucy to blog and tweet away in my absence – but can finally reveal what I’ve been up to. After a particularly busy time at my day job in London (building websites for corporates), I’ve been spending some of my free weekends rebuilding this site.

Some beer in the sunshine

Well, the weather seems to have changed quite unexpectedly – as demonstrated by the lobster like complexion I have taken on over the last 24 hours or so (look, I forgot the suncream, ok?). Not that I’m one to complain – far from it, a bit of sunshine means it’s surely time to get out […]

A bike, a beer, a bite and a bark

Given the slump back into what seems to be autumn over the past few days, I can’t help but think back to a rather nice sunny weekend back at the start of the month. Spring seemed to be breaking out at last, people were actually cheerful, and best of all – it was a bank […]

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