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A warm welcome back to Norfolk

At the end of last year we decided it was time for a change of lifestyle. Having spent over 10 years away, Norfolk started to call me back (as I’ve heard it does!) and so a move was on the cards. It’s been a tricky few months trying to make it happen, and we’re still […]

Popping for a pint

While we try to cover as much of East Anglia as we can on this blog, or travels have seemingly focused around the A12 corridor. It’s not an intentional slight on other places, or an indication that there’s less to see or do elsewhere – it just happens to be in easy reach and have […]

Edible Canada: Inspiration from our travels

With a long Pacific coastline and terrain ranging from snowy mountains, to ancient temperate rainforest to desert, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the Canadian state of British Columbia has a lot to offer when it comes to food. We’ve just returned from our honeymoon in Whistler and Vancouver having sampled our fair share of really fantastic […]

The art of the Ploughman’s

Bread? Cheese?  Ham? Pickles? Check! On the face of it a Ploughman’s lunch is a very simple combination of staple foods. But done well, it can be not only incredibly tasty, but a fantastic way to make the most of great local produce. I’ve had some delicious Ploughman’s (and some terrible ones!), so I thought […]

We’re back and full of the joys of… Autumn (in Suffolk)

We’ve been a little quiet lately because we’ve had the enormous but incredibly happy distraction of getting married. We had our wedding at the Maison Talbooth and Le Talbooth restaurant, both in Dedham, near Colchester on 9th November. It was a really wonderful day and we’re still both on something of a high. Naturally the […]

Moules Madness: dinner at the Mistley Thorn

I have to confess, I’m an Autumn person. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the sunshine this summer; it’s been amazing to actually have a summer this year. But the hazy sunshine, darker evenings and abundance of produce make this one of my favourite times of the year. Last night on our visit to […]

Horsey via Itteringham and Stalham

What better way to begin a day trip than with a meandering drive through the Norfolk countryside. Our ultimate destination was Horsey, a small village on the North-East coast and on the edge of the Norfolk Broads National Park, famous (locally at least) for its windpump.

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