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A taste of things to come…

I think I’m fairly safe in saying that whenever and wherever we go, food has always played an important part in planning the day’s activities. Arriving somewhere in time for lunch, or not setting off on a walk without first ensuring that there is an acceptable pub on the way round. That kind of thing.

Un-fair weather

Heavy snow before and during the Essex Game and Country Fair on 23/24 March meant that it was a quiet and subdued affair, with many exhibitors and visitors choosing not to battle through the elements to get to Cressing Temple Barns near Braintree. And to be honest I don’t blame them – it was freezing! […]

Out and about in Autumn

It’s been a busy few weeks and somehow we’ve found ourselves in November. Between us both coming down with colds and a hectic time at work we’ve managed to get out and about to enjoy what Autumn has to offer in East Essex and South East Suffolk. I thought I’d share few of the highlights. […]

A late harvest – picking at Carter’s Vineyards

While many of us office-bound workers may have complained about the awful weather this year, the ones truly suffering have been producers. Poor harvests, blight, failed crops, disease and distempter – it’s been a fairly horrendous year all around. So it was with dreadful irony that the sun shone bright and the weather was fine […]

Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

This year’s Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival seemed like far too good an opportunity to miss, in fact it spurred us on to get the blog launched! It’s not every day you get so many great producers from Suffolk and surrounds in one place for the weekend.

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