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Norfolk Vinegar Cake: an unexpected delight

From time to time I’ve come across mentions of Norfolk vinegar cake, but have always thought, ‘that sounds odd’ and moved on, without giving it much thought or attention – it hardly sounds like an appetising combination.  My interest was finally piqued when Pete gave me a copy of A Slice of Britain: Around the […]

The perfect ingredients for a festive evening

Going to choose the Christmas tree has to be one of my favourite Christmas traditions, and really means we can start to feel festive. This year we decided to go straight to the farm to get our tree. The Wheaton family from Great Slamseys Farm (@SlamseysFarm), near Braintree have been growing Christmas trees for over […]

Norfolk dumplings

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about traditional local recipes. The one thing that kept coming up time and again for Norfolk was dumplings, which I found quite surprising considering I grew up there and had never really come across them, let alone tried them. So my mission to make them began.