Some beer in the sunshine

Well, the weather seems to have changed quite unexpectedly – as demonstrated by the lobster like complexion I have taken on over the last 24 hours or so (look, I forgot the suncream, ok?). Not that I’m one to complain – far from it, a bit of sunshine means it’s surely time to get out into the beer gardens of the world.

And how timely! It appears this time of year is a favourite for a bit of a beer festival – they’re seemingly on all over the region!

Being up in Norfolk over the weekend, we were intending to pop into Norwich for their “City of Ale” celebrations, which really seems a bit of an ale lovers dream – tours, talks, pub crawls, huge numbers of different brews in pubs all over the city…. but, as I had a stinking cold, we ended up missing out. The festivities go on until 2nd June however, so if you’re nearby, definitely have a look at their site and pop in to the city.

As I was a bit feverish and tired, we instead stuck to a local pub in Wymondham on Saturday night – the Green Dragon. And lo and behold, they too were having a beer festival. The pub is one of the oldest buildings in the town, so is pretty tiny inside, but they have a lovely beer garden – and more importantly, an old stable block from which to serve uncountable brews (ok, there were 30 or so!). They throw on this kind of event every summer holiday weekend, so it’ll still be running tomorrow – and again next bank holiday!

We tried out a few different brews, the only two we can remember both come recommended however: Lavendar Honey by Wolf Brewery, and Reedcutter by Humpty Dumpty Brewery. The others we had were also excellent, but the cold had addled my brain to the point I’ve completely forgotten what they were!

Slightly recovered this morning, we decided to head back to Essex. Having a bit of a foody trip back (more blogs on that to follow) we found ourselves in the position that our route enabled us to quickly pop in to an old haunt which we’ve mentioned a couple of times recently – the Thatcher’s Arms in Mount Bures. And yep, you guess it – they’ve currently got a beer fest on (Scottish themed this time!). We plonked ourselves outside with a half each of Orkney Raven and Joker IPA, and again, both were excellent. Their beer festival is still on tomorrow, so get your skates on!

So, a tiny taster of what is on out there at the moment – if you’re near Norwich, Wymondham or Mount Bures, give them a go, otherwise have a quick search for your local decent pub – chances are, they’re enjoying the sun with a bit of a beer extravaganza as well!


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