We’re back and full of the joys of… Autumn (in Suffolk)

We’ve been a little quiet lately because we’ve had the enormous but incredibly happy distraction of getting married. We had our wedding at the Maison Talbooth and Le Talbooth restaurant, both in Dedham, near Colchester on 9th November. It was a really wonderful day and we’re still both on something of a high.

Naturally the food was a really important part of the day for us, and the Dedham Vale Beef en croĆ»te at Le Talbooth, to name just one thing, was phenomenal. But this isn’t a wedding blog, I’m just getting carried away reminiscing!

We’ve delayed our full honeymoon, but wanted a chance to get away for a few days after the wedding, so we escaped to the wonderfully cosy Lilla Cottage in Woodbridge. As the area is full of foodie treats it seemed like the perfect location to undo the pre-wedding diets, and having a base there gave us the opportunity we needed to explore and visit some places we’ve been eying up for ages. We’ll be writing several blogs about the places and food we discovered, so this is just a taster (excuse the pun).

Top of our list of places to eat was The British Larder in Bromeswell, just outside of Woodbridge. We’d longingly driven past several times and have swooned over the food on their online recipe diary. I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint. The British Larder specialises in local and seasonal food and its menu is therefore constantly changing with the seasons. Which seems to be a great excuse to keep going back! The dishes were thoughtfully put together, using combinations which really made the flavours and quality of the produce shine through. We both ended up having game starters and main courses. Here’s just a selection of what we had…

Venison ham and beets starter

Venison ham and beets starter

Pheasant Kiev

Pheasant Kiev with turnip gratin

Damson dessert

Damson dessert

Needless to say our other meals while we were away weren’t all quite so refined, but the quality of the produce and talent of the local producers was evident all around us, and we’re looking forward to writing about them over the next few weeks.


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